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Pearl HCL-79 Standard Hi-Hat Clutch(HCL79 / HCL 79)

Pearl HCL-79 Standard Hi-Hat Clutch(HCL79 / HCL 79)

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Pearl HCL-79 Hi-Hat Clutch with Clutch Wing Nut and Easy Installation

This is a standard Pearl Hi-Hat Clutch, and it's what makes hi-hats do their thing! This clutch will fit all standard hi-hat rods.

Pearl HCL-79 Hi-Hat Clutch Features :

  • Genuine Pearl Product
  • Standard Hi-Hat Clutch
  • It will fit any hi-hat stand
  • Smooth and efficient, durable and reliable
  • Priced right for a tight budget

How to Set Up a Drum Hi-Hat Stand Clutch System :

The Hi-Hat Clutch Assembly :


    1. Unscrew the hi-hat clutch wing nut and remove the hi-hat clutch from the hi-hat rod.
    2. Turn the lower-pitched cymbal upside down, thread it through the rod and place it on the felt washer.
    3. Turning to the clutch assembly, unscrew the retaining nut and remove it, along with the lower felt washer.
    4. Turn the clutch assembly upside down and place the higher-pitched cymbal upside down onto the felt washer.
    5. Replace the lower felt washer so that it rests on top of the upside-down cymbal.
    6. Screw back the hi-hat clutch wing nut until it is tight; it will be unable to turn beyond a certain point.
    7. The two lock nuts can be adjusted to lock more or less tightly against the felt washer, allowing the cymbal a greater or lesser degree of freedom. Do not force the felts together tightly against the cymbal.
    8. Replace the clutch on the hi-hat rod and lower the cymbal so that it rests on top of the lower cymbal.
    9. Before tightening the clutch wing nut, depress the foot pedal about 1 1/2 to 2 inches – the amount of separation you would like between the two cymbals.
    10. Tighten the clutch wing nut. Adjust the tilt screw to the desired angle.




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