This warranty is valid for a limited number of products purchased at all Pusat Muzik Reco physical and online sites.

  • The Warranty only covers manufacturing and material faults in the Product specified.
  • The Warranty Duration shall begin on the Purchase Date specified in the Warranty Invoice and may vary for such Product sold during and/or on promotional and/or special offers.

The Following Are Products With No Warranty

  • Media related items such as:

  • Any sort of soft wares, downloadable products, & etc.

  • Electrical items such as:

  • Adaptor, batteries, cables and etc.

  • Instrument Accessories such as

  • Guitar strings, straps, picks, & etc.

  • Drum skin, drumstick, beater, spring & etc.

  • In house free gift such as:

  • headphone, dust cover, book clip, & etc.

  • All non-electronic product.


  1. If you require repair or service under this warranty, you must provide the Original Invoice / Receipt of Purchase. If the customer does not produce these, you do not have the right to repair the product under the warranty provisions, and you shall bear the full cost of customer service and repair at our original normal price. in service and repair.
  2. If the Invoice is lost, it cannot be replaced.
  3. Any tampering and/or manipulation of this Invoice will immediately void the warranty contained therein.
  4. This Warranty expressly excludes;
    • Product repair, improper installation and/or manipulation and/or maintenance, modification, improper handling, rough handling, negligence caused by high temperature and humidity, domestic pet attack, and pests abnormal voltage or generator by persons other than authorized service centers The use of fire and lightning, and the deeds of God.
    • natural wear and tear dings and scrapes;
    • Scratches or damage due to corrosion, rust, dirt, etc.
  5. This warranty does not apply to transport, carriage, or course charges to transport goods between your locations.
  6. Customers should be aware that Pusat Muzik Reco does not include any transportation costs. Customers are responsible for all transportation costs, whether they are domestic or international. Because the instrument may need to be returned to the manufacturer for repairs. If the consumer agrees to and agrees to pay for all charges in full when the service and repair is completed.
  7. Neither of the rights or duties under these Terms of Service may be assigned or exchanged, and the warranty is non-transferable and only applicable for the original buyer. A person who is not an applicant for the warranty has no right to impose any of the warranty's conditions under the agreement.
  8. The Terms of Warranty are subject to revision and modification by Pusat Muzik Reco at any time and without notice.

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