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RTOM MoonGel Drum Damper Pad Clear

RTOM MoonGel Drum Damper Pad Clear

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RTOM MoonGel Drum Damper Pad Clear

Over 25 years ago Moongel was created to stop the ring and control the resonance that drummers have long time struggled with. The self-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless!

By simply moving the damper pad around the surface you can eliminate unwanted tone and obtain the exact sound the situation demands.  Whether it’s during a live performance, a drumming session or a studio recording Moongel helps create the perfect sound.

The beauty of Moongel is its simplicity and flexibility. It can be cut to your desired size for those situations that call for minimal damping or just add more when seeking maximum results. Moongel is highly effective on cymbals and can even be used on the resonant head. When only the most effective means of controlling a percussion instrument's sound will do, percussionists turn to Moongel Damper Pads.

RTOM MoonGel Drum Damper Pad Features:

  • Includes 6 gel strips
  • Deadens unwanted resonant frequencies on drums and cymbals
  • Packaged in a durable plastic carrying case
  • Non-toxic
  • Self-adhesive
  • Reusable and washable
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Moongel do?
It stops the ring and controls the resonance.

How many Moongels come in a pack?
6 rectangular strips.

How many Moongels should I use per drum?
As much or as little as you like to reach your desired sound.

What colors does Moongel come in?
Blue and Clear.

My pet ate some of my Moongel, what should I do?
Consult your Vet. Let them know that our product is non-toxic.

Should I leave Moongel on my drum kit when in my traveling case?
No, Moongel includes its own protective case where Moongel should be stored during travel to gigs.

Can I use Moongel on my cymbals?

Can I use Moongel under my drums on the resonant head?

How do I clean off my Moongel?
Use a drop of dish soap and water. Shake off excess water. Air dry only.

How long does Moongel last?
It can last for years if you wash it and store it properly when not in use.

Should I tune my drums when using Moongel?
Yes, Moongel will perform at its fullest potential on a tuned drum.

Can I leave Moongel in my hot car during the summer months?
No. Don’t leave babies, Moongel, or chocolate bars in your hot car.

What are some situations that Moongel is good for?
Any time you want to play your drums but to be more specific during, practice, live sessions, or recordings.

Can I use Moongel on my bass drum?
You can but would need a lot more gel to get your desired results.

What is Moongel made of?
A thermal elastic polymer. Our formula is non-toxic but should be kept away from small children as it can pose a choking hazard.

Can I use Moongel on any type of head?

How do I use Moongel?
For maximum damping, place one damper at 12 o” clock, and one at 9 or 3 o’clock on your drum head. Cut the damper pad in half or bend a damper against the drum rim allowing half of the damper to touch the head for minimum damping.

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