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Remo BA-0114-00 Ambassador 14" COATED Drum Head

Remo BA-0114-00 Ambassador 14" COATED Drum Head

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Remo Ambassador BA-0114-00 Coated 14" Drum Head

Remo BA-0114-00 refers to a drumhead made by Remo, a popular manufacturer of drumheads and other drum-related products.

More specifically, the BA-0114-00 is a 14-inch batter (top) drumhead from Remo's Ambassador series. The Ambassador series is one of Remo's most popular drumhead lines, known for their warm tone, bright attack, and consistent quality. The BA-0114-00 is designed for use on snare drums and is made from a single ply of 10-mil Mylar film. It has a medium thickness and is coated with Remo's proprietary coating, which gives it a slightly textured surface and enhances its durability.

Overall, the Remo BA-0114-00 is a versatile and reliable drumhead that is suitable for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres.

Coated Ambassador drumheads are made from a single layer of 10-mil Mylar that's been treated to have a warmer attack, which complements its open resonance and full sound perfectly. They're excellent-sounding beater heads, no matter what style of music you play.

Remo BA-0114-00 Coated Ambassador Batter Drumhead, 14" (BA011400):

  • 14" batter head that provides a bright tone and incredible sustain
  • Considered to be the industry standard batter drumhead by drummers of many styles
  • Made with a single ply of treated 10-mil Mylar
  • Provides a bright, open, and resonant sound with excellent attack
  • Among Remo's brightest batter heads with an exceptional balance of warmth and sustain

Tech Specs

  • Batter/Resonant: Batter
  • Size: 14"
  • Clear/Coated: Coated
  • Thickness: 10mil (1-ply)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BA-0114-00-


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    Fast shipping and fast delivery. Thanks🙏

    Fast shipping and fast delivery. Thanks🙏