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Hohner 532BX-A Blues Harp Harmonica 10 Holes A Key

Hohner 532BX-A Blues Harp Harmonica 10 Holes A Key

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Hohner 532BX-A Blues Harp Harmonica with Doussie Wood Comb and Made In Germany

Here, you get a fantastic Blues Harp. The sort of harp the real players choose, and you know what we mean by that. This Blues Harp is built to last a long time. It offers up the full and consistent tone, it's highly bendable - it's plain and simple, everything a good harmonica should be. Don't settle for less than a quality harmonica. Get the sort of harp your playing skills won't outgrow: the Hohner Blues Harp.

Hohner 532BX-A Blues Harp Harmonica 10 Holes Features :

  • Doussié wood comb
  • Stainless steel covers without side vents
  • 20 MS reeds
  • 0.9 mm brass reed plates
  • Made in Germany

Specifications :

  • Item name: Blues Harp® MS
  • Type: diatonic
  • Tuning: Richter
  • Number of holes: 10
  • Reeds: 20 brass
  • Cover surface: stainless steel
  • Reed plates: 0,9 mm brass
  • Reed plate surface: brass
  • Mouthpiece surface: douse lacquered
  • Comb: dossier, brown
  • Length : 10,5 cm

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