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Gotoh GF250K A250K B250K Audio Linear Guitar Tone Volume 250K Pot Pots Potentiometer - Made in Japan

Gotoh GF250K A250K B250K Audio Linear Guitar Tone Volume 250K Pot Pots Potentiometer - Made in Japan

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Resistance/Value - Choosing the correct resistance is important. Most of the time this is determined by the pickups used. Humbuckers usually work best with 500 kohm pots and single coils suit 250 kohm pots. 1000 k ohm (1 meg or 1 ohm) are sometimes used in special applications. 25 kohm are often used in active electronics. If you are replacing the pots in a guitar just choose the same type. If you have a wiring diagram for the pickup you’re using go by the pots recommended on the diagram.

Curve/Taper - Audio Taper (A-curve) pots are used most of the time on guitars. A-curve pots are designed so the volume appears to change more gradually as the pot is turned. Linear Taper (B-curve) pots are used occasionally and are preferred by some manufacturers. Changing to pots with a different curve does not have a major impact on the function of the guitar.

Knob Shaft - The pots used in guitars come with three standard shaft profiles. It is important that the knobs match the pots used or damage can result to both, please select the matching knobs from our range. The three-shaft profiles available are -
1) the USA split shaft (fine knurled) used on most American and Mexican guitars, approximately 10 points on each side of the shaft
2) Metric split shaft (coarse knurled) used on most Japanese and Asian guitars, approximately 8 points on each side of the shaft
3) Solid 1/4" shaft used on most Tele® guitars and Fender® basses

Threaded Shaft - Different models of pots have different lengths and diameters of threaded shafts. It’s important to choose a pot with a shaft that is long enough. The length can be adjusted using nuts and washers if needed. Smaller diameter shafts can be used in larger holes with no problems but if the shaft is bigger than the hole it means the hole will need to be drilled to a larger diameter.

Gotoh GF250K A250K B250K Audio Linear Guitar Tone Volume Potentiometer Features :

  • Made in Japan
  • Suitable for volume and tone controls
  • Metric Split shaft with coarse knurling
  • 24mm (15/16") casing diameter
  • 8mm (5/16") maximum thickness of material to be inserted
  • 8mm (5/16") hole required
  • Includes mounting nuts & washers

This item comes in bulk Packaging WITHOUT Original Packaging, it will be delivered in plain or unprinted plastic bags, and also the font/surface will inevitably be blurred as it comes in bulk packaging. Pls, do not buy if you can't accept this. Thanks for your understanding.

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