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Suzuki Olive Harmonica 10 Holes C Key (Made in Japan)
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Brand Suzuki Harmonica
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Stainless Steel Cover Plates

Solid Body With Natural Wood Fiber

Replaceable Reed Plate

The Suzuki C-20 Olive Harmonica has a vivid green Olive coverplate, achieved in a special high-tech process without any coloring material for lasting durability and clear tone.

Hybrid Wood-Resin Comb
In the past, all harmonicas had wood combs. They gave a warm tone but wood absorbed moisture from the players's breath and deformed, reducing airtightness and playing comfort. To solve this problem, Suzuki has invented the wood-resin composite body. This material is composed of over 50% wood fibers encased in impermeable resin, which allows the player to enjoy the tone of a traditional wooden harmonica without its past problems. First pioneered on the popular Manji diatonic, this comb has been widely praised by players.

Made in Japan
The ease of playing a harmonica is strongly influenced by its airtightness. Suzuki 10 holes harmonicas are extremely airtight due to highly accurate by high-accuracy manufacturing processes and assembly. The Olive's tight seal between component parts makes respond quickly to quick phrases, and gives sensitive tone and bending control. In addition, Suzuki's unique welded-reed manufacturing process gives unprecedented accuracy of reed attachment, the most accurate ree/slot alignment of any manufacturer. This allows the reeds to respond flexibly to all advanced bending and overblowing technique to achieve a dynamic, deep sound.


  • Stainless steel cover plates

  • Solid body with natural wood fiber

  • Replaceable Reed plate

  • Made in JAPAN


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