Yamaha SHS-500BK Sonogenic 37-Key Keytar - Black (SHS500BK)

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Yamaha Sonogenic 37-key Keytar -Black

The SHS500 Sonogenic Keytar is a fun and exciting way to play music. Its 37 keys play a like a full-sized keyboard and thanks to modern wireless technology including Bluetooth MIDI and iOS connectivity, the SonogenicKeytar can go anywhere on stage. Not a pro player? That doesn't mean you can't have a good time and thanks to JAM mode you can focus on playing the rhythms while the instrument worries about playing the right notes of songs. Play through the Sonogenic's built-in speakers or connect to an external PA through its professional-grade 1/4" AUX Line output jack


  • 37-note keytar with Bluetooth MIDI for wireless iOS connectvity

  • JAM mode lets you focus on playing rhythms while the Sonogenic takes care of playing the correct notes of songs

  • 37 mini keys that play like a full-sized keyboard

  • Modulation wheel lets you control the amount of modulation effect on your sound

  • The USB-to-Host port connects to a wide variety of educational, creative, and entertaining musical applications on your computer or mobile device

  • 3.5mm AUX input for connecting a portable music player, iOS device, mixer, or computer for audio playback via internal speakers

  • ¼" AUX Line output jacks for connecting to an external amp or PA system without disabling the onboard speakers

  • Included AC adapter, MIDI breakout cable, neck strap

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