Randall LB15 15W 1x6.5" George Lynch Signature Guitar Combo Amplifier

  • RM349.00
  • Regular price RM499.00

Randall LB15 George Lynch Signature Guitar Combo Amplifier 15W 

A practice size version of its monstrous brother, the Randall George Lynch Signature Combo is one monstrous 15 watts amp. The LB15 features two channels and a boost function, all of which are easily capable of capturing that classic Lynch Mob tone. The LB15 also features a 3-band EQ, phone jack, and CD/tape input. The LB15 has the tone and gain characteristics of its bigger brothers in the George Lynch Series.

Features :

  • George Lynch practice combo.
  • 15W, 2-channel,
  • with overdrive and boost function.
  • 3-band EQ, phone jack, CD/tape input
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