Planet Waves PW-AGRA-20 Circuit Breaker Momentary Mute Guitar Cable 20ft Right Angle

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  • Regular price RM189.00

Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Guitar Cable 20ft RA (PW-AGRA-20)

D'Addario Circuit Breaker cables feature an integrated mute switch that prevents loud pops or squeals when unplugging your instrument. Simply press and hold the button to activate the mute function, and unplug. When you're plugged in and ready to go, release the button to reactivate sound. D'Addario Circuit Breaker cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone.

Solderless plugs ensure a solid connection, and are easy to fix on the gig with a simple cutter and screwdriver. Two layers of shielding provide 100% coverage for superior insulation and noise rejection, making this the ultimate, high-performance cable.

Features :

  • Integrated Mute Switch for silent instrument changes
  • 24k gold-plated plugs provide superior signal flow and corrosion resistance
  • 1 x Right-Angle  and 1 x  Straight connectors
  • Built-in momentary mute switch
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