Jim Dunlop 547P4.2 Flow Jumbo 4.2mm Grip Guitar Picks (2pcs)

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Jim Dunlop 547P4.2 Flow Jumbo Grip Guitar Picks (2pcs)

Jim Dunlop guitar picks have long been the top choice for the pro musician. Dunlop's wide variety of gauges, shapes, sizes and materials allows the player to select the exact pick for his/her own particular style of playing. Like other Flow Picks,the 547P4.2 Jumbo has a wide angle, sharp tip, uniform bevel, and low-profile grip—but this pick’s extra heft makes it even more ergonomic, allowing you to play even faster, and project even louder with a smoother high end.

Features :

  • Package of 2 Picks

  • Ergonomically designed pick gives you confidence to attack faster runs

  • Wide angle, sharp tip, uniform bevel, along with superbly comfortable feel

  • Extra heft provides projection and smooth high-end tone

  • Low-profile grip provides effortless control

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