Jim Dunlop 5010SI 7" Microphone Stand Guitar Pick Holder

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Dunlop 5010 7" Mic Stand Guitar Pick Holder

It's happened before. You're midsong, getting ready for that ripping solo, when — oops — your favorite pick slips out of your fingers and ends up somewhere near the drummer's foot. One fumbled solo later, you go to retrieve it and mutter to yourself, "There has to be a better way." There is! Dunlop's 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder keeps spare picks right where you need 'em, and its tough rubber construction makes it stay put on your stand. It holds plenty of picks, so even butterfingered players get plenty of second chances. 

Guitar picks NOT INCLUDED

Features :

  • 7" long

  • Rubber construction

  • Fits standard mic stands