Eden EC8-E 20W 1x8" Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

  • RM445.00
  • Regular price RM499.00

Eden EC8-E Bass Guitar Combo Amp 20W 1x8

The EC8 is a solid introduction to Eden tone, but also a great addition to an ever-expanding collection.

 The power amp is unique to the EC8 and was designed to maximize headroom in a small space.

It is a compact and portable bass amplifier combo, ideal for home use and warming up.

Features :

  • 20 Watts

  • 8" Eden designed loudspeaker

  • Custom tuned and ported cabinet design for maximum response and efficiency

  • Single tone control with Eden "Enhance" EQ sweep

  • 3.5mm jack socket for MP3 or other device connectivity

  • Single 1/4" headphone jack socket out

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