Boss FS-6 Guitar Effect Dual Foot Switch ( FS6 )

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Boss FS-6 Dual Foot Switch (FS6)

Switch the Way You Want!

Want the ultimate in footswitch flexibility? Buy a rubber footswitch. Just kidding. Seriously, if you need to change your setup to keep up with your performances, then you need a pedal that can change with your needs. Check out BOSS's FS-6 switch - this baby has two big footswitches, and you can set each one for either latch or momentary operation. You can even set polarity! Use the FS-6 with guitars, keyboards, rhythm programmers, sequencers, and other instruments. This is the kind of versatility you've been looking for in a footswitch !

 Features :

  • Latch or momentary functionality assignable to each pedal

  • TRS input jack for single cable connection

  • Can be connected to other footswitches (FS-5L/FS-5U/FS-6/AB-2) for extension

  • Can be used with a wide variety of keyboards, rhythm machines, guitar amps, and more

  • Requires 1/4" stereo TRS cable;e (not included)