Boss FB-2 Feedbacker / Booster Compact Guitar Effect Pedal(FB2 FB 2)

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Boss FB-2 Feedbacker / Booster Pedal 


The unique FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster packs a world of expressive, versatile boost into a single stompbox. Seamlessly morph from flat, clean boost that doesn’t spoil the nuance of the original tone to an amazing mid boost for high-gain solos, or dial up a bright and clear treble boost to lighten the tone. And that’s only half of the picture…the FB-2 can generate smooth and natural amp feedback as well. The FB-2’s versatile tone, simple operation, and low noise are made possible through BOSS’ latest technology and decades of know how.


Features :

  • Wide tonal variety, from flat, clean boost to powerful mid-boost and bright, clear treble boost

  • Boost characteristics can be changed continuously and smoothly from one knob

  • Responds expressively and accurately to picking nuances, even at high-boost settings

  • Versatile tone, simple operation, and low noise

  • Advanced Feedback function provides smooth and natural amp feedback