Blackstar ID Core 150 150 Watts 2x10 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar ID:Core 150 150Watts 2x10 Combo Guitar Amplifier | Reco Music Malaysia

Blackstar ID Core 150 150 Watts 2x10 Combo Guitar Amplifier

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The Blackstar ID Core 150 features two 10” 75w subwoofers for 150w of pure power, packing the same punch and tones found in professional valve amps. The 2 sub Woofers offer stereo wide audio for an immersive sound. With its digital technology, the Blackstar can be used for playing live with, or for practicing at home since you can turn down the volume without losing any sound quality or power.

Blackstar’s ID Core 150 amp comes packed with 6 voices and 12 effects for altering and creating your sound. The 6 different voices that the amp offers are; clean warm, clean bright, crunch, super crunch, overdrive 1, and overdrive 2. Between the different voices and effects for adding reverb, delay, or modulation, the ID:Core can pull off a variety of different musical styles, from blues and jazz to heavy metal. The amp also features Blackstar’s patented ISF technology which provides the option to change the amp’s style between the USA and British for even more variety in your sound.


  • Digital combo with a wide range of tones

  • Wide true-stereo sound
  • 6-channels for multiple classic amp tones
  • Built-in looper
  • Fully customizable presets
  • Onboard effects with tap tempo fill out your tones
  • USB output access deep editing software
  • Line/headphone output is speaker emulated
  • 2 x 10" speakers
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