Behringer HPX4000 Closed-Type High-Definition Dj Headphones(HPX 4000 HPX-4000)

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Behringer HPX4000 DJ Headphones

Headphones are indispensable, and whether you're in the studio, at the gig, or at home, the Behringer HPX4000 headphones will give you the quality sound you want. The high-resolution cobalt capsules have a wide frequency response and dynamic range, giving you high-definition bass and transparent highs. Comfortable oval-shaped earcups and a padded headband make these headphones comfortable to wear for hours of listening. The Behringer HPX4000 headphones are a great choice that are sure to fit your budget.

Features :

  • Wide frequency response

  • Comfortable to wear

  • High dynamic range

  • 1/8" connector and 1/4" adapter

  • 6' cable with oxygen-free copper wires

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