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Digital Pianos
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  • Authentic Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action

  • Expressive Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds, with full 88-key sampling

  • Built-in Burgmüller and Czerny etudes, and Alfred lesson songs

  • Realistic Grand Feel Pedal System with half-pedal support

  • Class-leading 16 W stereo amplifier and speaker system

  • Compact cabinet design in new Embossed Black finish

  • Includes matching bench


NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) keyboard action providing a heavier touch in the lower registers, transitioning to a lighter touch in the upper regions—just as on a traditional piano

Servo-assisted MFB speaker technology reproducing the rich resonant tones that emerge from the large body of an acoustic piano

The dedicated PIANO PLAY button instantly recalls the Concert Grand Piano sound

The music rest features a page retention pocket that keeps music pages and folios from turning unexpectedly during performance

Includes metal damper (sustain) pedal providing a reassuring stability and a great feel underfoot.


"Easily portable, small footprint Astounding bass response, especially for its size Authentic keyboard action Affordable"

The streamlined design delivers the features most important to any pianist: an authentic touch, superior sound and ease of use

For those who are just starting or those who want to start again, consider the KORG B1 Digital Piano

To achieve the deep, rich tones of an acoustic piano within its compact body, the B1 Digital Piano relies on KORGaTMs servo-assisted MFB technology, a pair of full-range speakers, plus a passive radiator

Together, these elements reproduce the rich, resonant tones that emanate from the large body of an acoustic piano, with particular attention paid to the low-frequency range


A 88-key Digital Home Piano with 30 Sounds, Built-in Speakers, RH3 Hammer Action Keyboard,

and 3-pedal Design with Half-damper Support - Black. Made in Japan.

  • A fully weighted digital piano with 88 full-sized piano-style keys

  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano

  • The pure CF sound engine faithfully reproduces the tone of the acclaimed Yamaha 9' CFIIIS Concert Grand piano. Tempo Range: 5 - 280

  • 3-Pedal units for Yamaha P125B Digital Piano


88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys provide realistic acoustic piano feel

Detailed, full-stereo AWM sampling provides deeply rich grand piano sound

Add dimension to your sound with 4 reverb effect styles

Keyboard layer mode lets you create more complex sounds

Duo mode for partner practice/instructional use

Perform live with built-in stereo speakers driven by dual 6W amplifiers

Sustain footswitch and a music rest included