Tama CSA15 Cymbal Stacker Attachment

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Tama CSA15 Cymbal Stacker Attachment

Use the TAMA CSA15 Cymbal Stacker to easily add a small cymbal to your existing setup. The CSA15 attaches to the top of your TAMA cymbal stand's threaded cymbal rod. It's an easy, space-efficient way to add a splash cymbal or other small cymbal to your kit. When it's time to expand your drum kit, just get the TAMA CSA15 Cymbal Stacker.

Tama CSA15 Cymbal Stacker Attachment Tutorial Video

Tama CSA15 Features :

  • Lets you stack a smaller cymbal atop a larger one
  • Attaches to your cymbal stand's threaded cymbal rod
  • Perfect for stacking a splash over your crash
  • For M8 threaded cymbal rod


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