Suzuki W24 Winner Tremolo Harmonica 24 Holes C Key (W 24)

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Suzuki W24 Winner Tremolo Harmonica 24 Holes C Key

Suzuki W-24 Winner Tremolo harmonicas have 24 holes, brass reed plates, ABS plastic comb and stainless steel covers. The Winner comes with a cardboard carrying case.


  • Moulded plastic comb

  • Stainless steel covers

  • 24 holes

  • Brass reeds and reed plates

  • Suitable for beginner

  • Size:177x28x22(mm)

What Is Tremolo Harmonicas ?

Tremolo harmonicas are a type of harmonica, distinct by having two reeds per note. In a tremolo harmonica the two reeds are tuned slightly off a reference pitch, one a bit sharp and the other a bit flat. This gives a unique wavering or warbling sound created by the two reeds being not exactly in tune with each other and difference in their subsequent waveforms acting against one another. 

How To Play Harmonica 

How to Clean a Harmonica

Unlike instruments like guitars, where a lack of cleaning will have few effects on playability or functionality, at least in the short term, harmonicas by their very nature require regular cleaning. Follow our guide to ensure that you know how to clean a harmonica in the correct way.


This process should be part of your regular routine of instrument cleaning, as it’s simple and quick, and will help to limit saliva buildup in the harp.

How to Clean a Harmonica

Wash with lukewarm water

  • Rinse the harmonica with lukewarm water, then tap it against your hand, with the mouthpiece facing down, to remove any residual water. Leave it out to dry thoroughly afterwards.
  • NOTE: this step only applies to harmonicas with plastic, alloy or heavily sealed combs. Harmonicas with limited or no sealing on the comb should not be subjected to this step, but should be cleaned with a soft, dry brush

Full Clean

This process is more involved than washing, and involves disassembling your harmonica, so should be performed after a significantly greater number of playing hours than the washing process.

  • First remove the screws holding down the cover plate with the appropriate screwdriver. Keep these in a safe place. Clean the cover plates with an alcohol spray and a clean cloth.
How to Clean a Harmonica
  • Soak the reed plates from about 30 minutes in a solution of lukewarm water and a few drops of vinegar or citric acid.
How to Clean a Harmonica
  • Whilst the reed plates are soaking, wash your metal or plastic comb with soap and lukewarm water and brush any deposits off with a soft brush. If your harp has a wooden comb avoid using water or soap – just use the dry brush to clean it.
  • Once the reed plates have soaked for a sufficient time, brush them with a soft toothbrush or similar implement, ensuring that your brush strokes are up and down the reeds, not across them. Rinse with water then dry.
How to Clean a Harmonica
  • Dry all of the components thoroughly and reassemble, making sure that you tighten the screws sufficiently to ensure airtightness, but not so tight that you risk damage.
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