Behringer HPX6000 Closed-Back High-Definition Dj Headphones(HPX-6000 HPX 6000)

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Behringer HPX6000 High-Definition Dj Headphones

DJs are just like any other professional who relies on their ears for a living; above all else, they need clean, accurate audio reproduction. HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones deliver on this with massive 50 mm neodymium drivers. That means when you wear these headphones, you not only get loud, clean sound – you also get deep, powerful bass. No matter what kind of music you listen to, you’ll hear everything from the gut-shaking lows to the lip-smacking highs.

Features :

  • Superior sound quality with wide frequency response and enhanced bass

  • Ultra-high dynamic range

  • 50 mm high output neodymium drivers

  • Single sided removable cable with 1/8” jack and 1/4” gold plated adapter

  • Adjustable headband with foldable, swiveling earcups

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