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Compact delay pedal with superb BOSS sound quality

Provides 3 delay time modes and a Delay Time control for quick adjustment of exact delay time between 12.5ms - 800ms

Hold function repeats delay sound indefinitely for interesting effects


Classic "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation

Warm distortion and overdrive

Responds to nuance and volume changes


Ultra-high quality compact chorus pedal for guitarists and keyboardists

High- and Low-cut filters for shaping tonality of the chorus

Offers Effect Level, Rate, Depth and Filter knobs for complete control

Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps or for studio use

Produces a range of chorusing effects, from subtle to extreme


Compact chorus pedal especially designed for bass guitar

Applies chorus sound to the high frequencies without altering low frequencies

Effect Level, Low Filter, Rate and Depth knobs permit precise tonal shaping


Classic BOSS chorus pedal with clean, brilliant sound for guitar and keyboards.

Effect Level, EQ, Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise shaping of sound.

Features Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps.


Compact compression/sustainer pedal with high-quality circuitry

Compresses loud signals and boosts softer signals for a smooth overall sound

Onboard Level, Tone, Attack and Sustain controls for precise tonal shaping

Low-noise design for super-quiet operation


Expanded delay time, up to 6.4 seconds

Modulation Delay mode offers natural, chorus-type sounds

Analog Delay mode models the classic warm BOSS DM-2 analog delay sound

Tap tempo controllable via external footswitch

Delay time, feedback, and effect level can be controlled via external Expression pedal (sold separately)

Up to 40 seconds of recording for sound on sound (Hold mode)


Classic BOSS Distortion tones for guitar and keyboard

Reproduces dynamics of playing, from soft to hard

Distortion, Level and Tone control to tailor overall sound as desired


Classic BOSS distortion tones with added Turbo modes

Turbo Mode I produces warm and mellow distortion with flat frequency response

Turbo Mode II provides biting distortion with a mid-range boost, perfect for leads


Latch-type footswitch

LED to indicate status

Connectors - 1/4" phone type

Power Supply - Dry Batteries (R03/LR03(AAA) type) x 2


 Latch or momentary functionality assignable to each pedal

TRS input jack for single cable connection

Can be connected to other footswitches (FS-5L/FS-5U/FS-6/AB-2) for extension

Can be used with a wide variety of keyboards, rhythm machines, guitar amps, and more


Low-impedance FV-50L enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units

Minimum Volume knob lets users set minimum volume as desired

Convenient Tuner Out jack enables speedy tuning on stage


Compact EQ pedal with 7 bands of adjustable EQ sliders

Allows for boost/cut of up to +/- 15dB per band

Perfect as a "boost" pedal for solos, creating an alternate sound, or for eliminating feedback


50Hz to 10kHz frequency range specifically designed for bass

Full range response, even for five- and six-string basses

Can be used as a "boost" or "cut" pedal using the level control knob

Great for eletric-acoustic bass applications


Exceptional sound in a portable package

Streamlined interface makes choosing and tweaking patches a piece of cake

Footswitches and external jacks pack maximum control into a small space

BOSS Tone Central and BOSS Tone Studio expand your capabilities


Flagship-class BOSS sound engine specially tuned for bass, Pro-level amps and effects in a light, compact floor unit, Essential tools on board for optimizing your core bass tone

Includes advanced MDP effects for maximum musical expression, Modern design with no hard edges enables safe transport in an instrument bag

Easy Select and Easy Edit functions for quickly choosing and tweaking patches


Power: 100 W

Loudspeaker equipped with: 1 x 12" Custom

5 Amplifier types: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown and Acoustic

3 Simultaneously usable effects

8 Memory slots for amplifiers and effects settings plus panel setting

Power Control (0.5 / 50 / 100 W) for a full amp sound at any volume

Built-in tilting stand for optimal monitoring

Controls: Amp Type, Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Booster / Mod, Delay / FX, Reverb, Master & Power Control

Sounds, setups and up to 58 selectable effects via the BOSS Tone Studio Editor (free on

Dimensions (W x D x H): 530 x 248 x 484 mm

Weight: 14.8 kg


Power: 100W

Built-in power attenuation

Five amp modes

Speaker: 2x12 custom

Four memory slots for recalling amps and effects

55 effects: store 15, use up to three simultaneously

Boss Tone Studio editor software integration

Built-in tilt stand


Power: 50W (solid state)

Power control: 1/2W, 25W, 50W

Two channels

Five amp modes: acoustic, clean, crunch, lead, brown

Single input

Speaker: 1x12 custom

Controls: 3-band EQ, gain, volume, boost/mod button, boost/mod knob, delay/FX button, delay/FX knob, reverb button, reverb knob, tap

55 FX (15 stored onboard) 

Integration with Boss Tone Studio software

Built-in tilt stand

Aux. input

Recording/headphone output

USB B port

Footswitch sold separately 

Dimensions: 18.6 in. x 15.7 in. x 9.4 in.

Weight: 25.7 lbs.

  • Great Katana tone in a highly portable amp

  • Rich, full sound that far exceeds other amps in its class

  • Authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit and three-band analog tone stack

  • Three versatile amp types: Brown, Crunch, and Clean

  • Built-in tape-style delay for warm ambience

  • Aux input for jamming with music from a smartphone

  • Phones/recording output with cabinet voicing

  • Runs on six AA-size batteries or optional AC adapter


Full control of bass guitar's dynamic range via threshold level and ratio knobs

Enhancer provides increased bass clarity and presence


Produces extreme, low-end distortion for modern metal and hard rock

Gain Boost circuit creates huge distortion and sustain regardless of level

New Bottom control for bottom-heavy distortion matched to 6- or 7-string guitars

Tone control adjusts balance between high and low frequencies


Incredible-sounding distortion pedal with unique dual-gain circuitry

Provides super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of overdriven amps

Three-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid control offers a wide range of extreme distortion textures

A must-have pedal for any hard rock or metal guitarist


Compact noise suppression pedal for eliminating noise and hum in guitar and bass effects and amplifier setups

Unique noise detection circuit preserves the natural attack and envelope of an instrument's sound

Threshold and Decay knobs allow for shaping the elimination/suppression as desired


Dual-Stage Overdrive Circuit offers a level of sustain and compression unmatched by any overdrive pedal

Increased dynamics yield a "bigger" sound than any previous BOSS overdrive pedal

Dynamic, non-muffled tones reminiscent of classic overdriven "stack" amps

Straightforward Drive, Tone and Level controls


OverDrive pedal specifically designed for bass

Onboard two-band equalizer

Balance knob controls dry/overdriven sound


Flexible distortion pedal capable of producing blended overdrive/distortion sounds

Provides both "over-the-top" distortion sounds and less extreme overdrive tones for rhythm playing

Includes Level, Tone, Drive and Color controls for precise tonal shaping


Compact pedal with versatile vintage and modern BOSS phasing

New "Rise" and "Fall" modes create unidirectional phasing

Includes classic multi-stage phasers with selectable stages

Realtime control of Rate via optional expression pedal

Tap tempo sync of phasing effects


Four effect modes in one stompbox: Harmony, Pitch Shifter, Detune, and S-BEND (Super Bend)

Easily create two- or three-voice harmonies with selectable key and voicing

High-quality pitch shifting

Three-voice Detune capability

Super Bend provides up to four octaves of extreme pitch bending